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Global Warming Causes, Effects, Information and Awareness

This website provides information and articles on global warming and climate change and the various interrelated issues we will face in the future, the solutions we may choose, the politics involved.  It is designed to give a basic introduction to the multifaceted problems we face from global warming and climate change - crop failure, food shortages, water shortages, rising seas, declining ice sheets, mass migrations, water wars, acidic oceans and increased conflict on a planet with dwindling resources and rising population.  We are at a critical point in human history.  It is only through global warming awareness that we can hope to change course intelligently.  Due to necessity we will change our ways.  May it not come too late.

Global Warming awareness needed now.         Causes of Global Warming          Global Warming Awarness needed now.



Remember This: 350 Parts Per Million 

But the data just keep getting worse. The news this fall that Arctic sea ice was melting at an off-the-charts pace and data from Greenland suggesting that its giant ice sheet was starting to slide into the ocean make even 450 look too high. Consider: We're already at 383 parts per million, and it's knocking the planet off kilter


Current CO2 Levels


A Solar Gold Rush Is Spreading From California to New Jersey

With new solar-powered movie theaters and factories, the solar industry is exploding. But how far can it take us toward a clean energy future?




Glaciers retreating due to Global Warming                Global mean surface temperature rising

CO2 concentrations from 647,000 BC to 2006 AD, and Antarctic temperatures from 421,000 BC to 2000 AD.



Earth 4 Energy - Renewable Energy Solutions - Wind And Solar Power!



Global Warming awarness is needed.  Global emissions must be brought under control.





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Scientists Identify "Tipping Points" of Climate Change

Nine ways in which the Earth could be tipped into a potentially dangerous state that could last for many centuries have been identified by scientists investigating how quickly global warming could run out of control. . . . . . .

  The nine elements range from the melting of polar ice sheets to the collapse of the Indian and West African monsoons. The effects of the changes could be equally varied, from a dramatic rise in sea levels that flood coastal regions to widespread crop failures and famine. Some of the tipping points may be close at hand, such as the point at which the disappearance of the summer sea ice in the Arctic becomes inevitable, whereas others, such as the tipping point for the destruction of northern boreal forests, may take several more decades to be reached.



Earth Will Survive Global Warming, But Will We?

What we need to be thinking of as humans causing changes to the Earth system is what the consequences will be to us human beings,” said Edwards, the USC geo-microbiologist. “The Earth could care less. We will be recorded as a minor perturbation in the Earth system. The Earth will go on. The question is: Will we?”



The Sun and Global Warming

Most scientists agree that greenhouse gases from fossil fuels have contributed to the warming of the planet in the past few decades but have questioned whether a brighter Sun is also responsible for rising temperatures.



Global Warming (Stanford EDU)

Global Warming What is it?  Factors: Greenhouse Gases, Solar Variability & Global Warming; Trends & Effects; Scientific Studies


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Image:Annual Average Temperature Map.jpg








2007 a Year of Weather Records in US

 "We're having an increasing trend of odd years," said Michael MacCracken, a former top federal climate scientist, now chief scientist at the Climate Institute in Washington. "Pretty soon odd years are going to become the norm."



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Sea Level Rise Maps


Sea Level rise over millions of years.        

Estimates of sea level over the last 540 million years. The two curves (red and blue) represent radically different techniques for estimating sea level. Neither has sufficient resolution to actually show sea level changes during the most recent few millennia. The vertical black bar in the lower left corner indicates the range of sea level values during the most recent glacial to interglacial transition (from the Wisconsin glacial through the Holocene interglacial).
Credit: Image by Robert A. Rohde, courtesy of the Global Warming Art Project.


Causes of Global Warming        Global Warming contributors       Global Warming pollution


UN Issues "Final Wake-Up Call" on Population and Environment

Paris - The human population is living far beyond its means and inflicting damage to the environment that could pass points of no return, according to a major report being issued today by the United Nations.

Climate change, the rate of extinction of species, and the challenge of feeding a growing population are among the threats putting humanity at risk, according to the United Nations Environment Program in its fourth Global Environmental Outlook since 1997.

 "The human population is now so large that the amount of resources needed to sustain it exceeds what is available at current consumption patterns," Achim Steiner, the executive director of the Environment Program, said in a telephone interview. Efficient use of resources and reducing waste now are "among the greatest challenges at the beginning in of 21st century," he said.


Image:Risks and Impacts of Global Warming.png


Atlantic Basin Hurricane Counts 1851-2006

CCSP SAP 3.3 Figure 2.17



Global Warming Effects Wikipedia


National Environmental Trust


World View Global Warming




Global Warming passing the tipping point


CO2 and the Ornery Climate Beast





The Threat to the Planet: How Can We Avoid Dangerous Human-Made Climate Change? Remarks of James E. Hansen on 21 November 2006 On Acceptance of WWF Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Medal At St. James Palace, London



Shuck the ethanol and let solar shine

Patzek, in a controversial paper presented last month to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, says military battles over fast-depleting fossil fuels will combine with insufficient replacement strategies and escalating population growth soon to imperil the human race unless coordinated global efforts to curb energy demand are taken quickly. "Change will be made for us unless we make changes," he said in an interview from his UC Berkeley office this week.


Polar bear and melting Artic ice


Causes of Global Warming



Global Warming is now!!  It is our future that is at stake.




Causes of Global Warming Smokestack 2



Causes of Global Warming Smokestack 3




Nuclear cooling towers contribute to Global Warming





Global Warming awareness needed now.




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